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It's simple. Choose a plan, and place your order. We'll carefully package your meals in microwave safe, recyclable containers, and deliver them to you twice a week to ensure freshness. We proudly label each meal with every ingredient, as well as dish, date, and heating instructions.

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We recommend heating our meals on a skillet or in the oven, but if you are on the go, simply pop them in the microwave and enjoy! Either way our meals are designed to fuel your body with nutrient rich, fast, easy food!

Meal plans

We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and fresh pressed juices!

Meals can be purchased a la carte, by the week, or as 4 week plans. We can portion meals for 1 or for the whole family to enjoy.


Customized meal plans includes meals prepared according to any dietary restrictions, food allergies, personal preferences, etc. The sky is the limit with this one. You dream it up - we’ll cook it up!