The Goal

We believe in the power of real food. That is, a diet of elemental foods, derived from lean proteins, non-processed carbohydrates and good, saturated fats. Our goal is to make a healthier community, one meal at a time.

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Fresh ingredients prepared by hand

Our meals are prepared from scratch each week with locally sourced proteins and organic produce. We like to keep it interesting, so we dream up a different menu each week focused on seasonality and creativity.

Meals made for your diet

We offer the latest in gourmet super foods through an eclectic array of exciting recipes, giving you simplified nutrition, balanced portions and a taste that is unforgettable!

“Our food should be our medicine.
Our medicine should be our food.”


Healthy and filling

We work with a network of trusted producers to bring high quality, well-balanced meals to your table, and offer incremental portion sizes to accommodate every appetite. Choose from Lean, Mean or Beast portions of protein.

Make it your own

At Balance we offer personalized, meal delivery programs that provide a well-balanced variety of gourmet meals, designed to help optimize your current physical fitness and wellness goals.